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2005-08-03 - 11:51 p.m.

Y'can't Keep a Fringe Man Down.

OI! YOU! Every last one of you scurrilous sons and daughters of The Wind. Yes,'re here for a berating, aren�t�cha? And you're giddy! Why? Because it's The Fucking Son that's why. Duh. The Prodigal Son. Bow and bare your bosoms.

So it's been a year and a half since my last entry and nothing's new other than the fact that my Woman and I, as a 12 year fling, have split. She still drinks with me, so therein lies the proof of the breadth and depth of my goodliness.

Oh, yeah...then I went to Europe. Amsterdam, Berlin, K�ln and Paris. No budget. I could see the Louvre from my front window. I lived with a tall blond German girl I fell in love with a Senegalese Parisian whore. Bril. Maybe someday I'll pay some cash and post some brothel pics.

So I guess that turned into the book called "Obey the Wind" - the first of a trilogy called �The Turning Game�. I finished the second book before the first, but there ya have it. There's no froken' guidebook for mavericks. The protagonist of all three? Shade, of course.

This whole blog was an exercise to find the guy who's writing this...part Shade, part {author}, and it worked.

I write at a restaurant, and an editor (a honest to Jebus, established editor) and me crossed paths and after reading the 40 page I had, she asked if she could edit it for me..

"Uh...yeah, sure woman, but you owe me." was my response.

To which she responded this Saturday (three months later), that she had a literary agent friend that liked what I was doing and wanted to start tossing it around. Spiff. As you can tell, I hate talking about myself..

But none of it helps the fact that after an 8 hour day, I write five hours a night, and now that I'm single, dine on nothing but single serving friends and girlfriends; and having been "married", "single" ain't at all it's chalked up to be. At the risk of sounding like a big gay, it's kinda lonely.

But fuck it. Life's like that. If I've learned anything over the past year and a half is that people tend to see life as a series of microscopic storyboards - the day-to-days. Life ain't like that. It's macroscopic. If a cat falls long'll always land on it's feet.

That�s it. As you were. Just drunk and checking in. Be happy I don�t have your phone numbers.

I wish you all a lifetime of rickets, you Gangrenous Swine.

...and watch yer local bookstore.

Spit it OUT, Snapperhead!

0 of you fuckers have been accounted for.

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